Saturday, September 29, 2012

20 questions to make a girl wet

Use only these questions and keep the conversation more vibrant as well as answering other questions that it may require.
If you want to attract a girl using words these questions and you will see that it will be too wet, thinking that you're a great guy. Use only these questions and keep the conversation more vibrant as well as answering other questions that it may require. Everything will work in your favor, if you do it carefully.Straighten her these questions in the late evening for best results!1. Are you alone? This is the perfect question to find out if she is unemployed and alone at home.2. What are you doing now? Kujdesni intonation of voice, slowly and courtesy. This can help you to learn that she is lonely, bored and gives you full attention.3. Do you like the softness and loneliness when you lie in bed? Warm yourselves it without exceeding the line. This can help it show wholeheartedly.4. What do you wear when you go to bed? / What are you wearing? A curious question that is perfect to ask a girl when she is in bed already. This is personal, and not yet sexually.If your girlfriend, ask what she is wearing and if she did not mention her bowels, ask about them. A perfect start.5. What do you think you look sexy? Encourage to talk about her sex clothing. It's flattering and definitely sexual.6. Have you ever seen someone accidentally make love outdoors?May be the question that brings you both in the mood, but be careful again.7. Any guy that has upset you to the roof? Even if it is random, it is something that girls simply do not forget.8 Have you ever gone with a guy just because you have been in moments of lust?9. If you have a pair of glasses X-Ray, which the male body part would you like to see?10. Do you like underwear boxers or briefs? This is a template question, and even if a girl does not care for, it is likely to mean that like boxers.11. What is juat secret that you would like to a guy?Questions that may encourage him to talk about sex.12. If there is a place where you have to touch the boy to bring you in lust which is that part? This goes directly to the awakening of sex. And if it does not answer you are sure that she has started thinking about you.13. What massage enjoy that makes you lageni? A full body massage makes almost all the girls wet. You can always say something like, I'm at massage now to let me do my job.14. If I kiss your lips accidentally, would you mind it? This is a perfect question.15. Do you like oral sex? No matter what she answers, you can always reply with the opposite of what she says.16. How do you think my body will look better, natural or depiluar?17. What should I make a guy to make a girl wet?And if it does not answer you can discuss something that she liked the previous questions.18. If I had all these questions whispers in your ear, would you be ready?19. If you do not have a boyfriend, do you think we are to each other?20. If a guy wants to come to you now would like to sleep with him or go out to feel better?If she answers "yes," go ahead at full speed in its place.

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